Residential Roofing Projects – Insulating Solar Panels

When it gets warm, such as the warmest summer days in Fort Collins, you’ll find that some dark surfaces can absorb a great deal of heat. If you work in the roofing industry, you already know that a dark colored roof can reach impressive temperatures in the summer, to the extent that it’s important to consider avoiding flammable paint and coating materials. However, if you own a solar panel roof, this isn’t necessarily the case.

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Solar panel roofs actually remain at a cooler temperature and keep your roof cool, since they absorb a lot of the heat and UV radiation coming from the sun and turn it into usable electricity. Unfortunately, this means your roof won’t benefit from any of the welcome sunshine in the winter, when temperatures get really cold.

Insulating solar panels can be a good choice to at least prevent the heat from your home from escaping during these times. The insulation is placed underneath the panels, so that it will protect your home or building, while the solar panels remain fully exposed to the incoming sunlight. A trusted Fort Collins roofer with solar installation experience affirms that the benefits are clear: your house remains protected from the cold, and you won’t need to dial up the thermostat in order to compensate for the solar panel roof’s cooling effect.

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