Roof Leaks and Solar Panels

Denver roofer installs solar panels

Solar panels are wonderful inventions of modern technology that reduce the energy needs as well as the energy footprint of your household. Though solar panels act as very durable roofing that is resistant to wind, snow, rain and impact, on very rare occasions, the roofs fitted with solar panels might start leaking. If it happens, the first leak will become noticeable very soon after the solar panels are installed, usually within the first year. The most common causes are to be found in improper installation, in the use of some dirty or improper components or maybe the roof is not suitable for supporting the solar panels – here are some of the causes your solar roof starts leaking:

  • Poor installation – the installation of solar panels requires drilling into the deeper layers of the roof. While a knowledgeable Denver roofer will know how to do that drilling in a way that does not let water through later, inexperienced workers might damage the roofing structure during the procedure;
  • A roof that is too old or too weak – solar panels are heavy, so they can be successfully installed only on roofs that are sufficiently strong to hold the excess weight. If your roof is not suitable for carrying the weight of the panels, you might have to get some of them removed.

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