Should I Have My Roof Power Washed?

If your roof looks very dirty and there is debris and vegetation stuck on it, you will have to consider a cleanup. Pressure washing may seem like a good solution, because it provides you the perspective of having a clean roof in no time, but actually you should not get so excited about it, because it is not all it is cracked up to be.

The problem with this solution is that the process can cause roof damage and, if you still have a warranty certificate available, it might invalidate it.

A power washer’s output pressure can be too high to bear by certain roofing materials. An improper nozzle size is also a potential problem. High pressure water can compromise not just covering materials, but also sealants, bonding or adhesive between shingles, underlying fabric of the roofing material as well as futures like chimneys, solar panels, skylights or flashing. In an asphalt roof, pressurized water will likely strip away the shingles’ granulation.

Colorado Springs roofing companies

Representatives from Colorado Springs roofing companies will tell you that roofing materials are not designed to withstand pounding high water pressure, and this is why you should avoid it. Better call the professionals and allow them to clean your roof by using safe methods and solutions.

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