Siding Designs and Trends That Can Boost Your Home Value

Are you looking to sell your home? Boosting home value through curb appeal is one of the best ways to ensure that you can get a better price. By replacing your existing siding with a newer, more beautiful type of siding that also aligns with recent trends, you will not only be able to make your home more attractive, but also get more interested buyers to line up and actually want to check out your house.

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In terms of choosing the material, vinyl siding is known to help boost appeal by more than 75% on average. As for the design, you’ll have a lot of different options to choose from, although only a few will actually yield practical results.

The main idea when it comes to designing your siding is to choose neutral colors. These colors are often considered best for resale value, and are known to be superior in terms of appearance and curb appeal to high contrast designs that can sometimes put buyers off and lead them to look for another option. Neutral colors will typically be your best chance at ensuring that your home appeals to the broadest group of possible buyers.

White siding can be one of the best choices for your home, if you want to make it appealing and add more value to it. Exterior appeal can be greatly enhanced by a clean looking, white siding design regardless of the type of material you choose. Since 2021, white and gray siding have both been in vogue, and colors like darker green and blue are also rapidly becoming nationwide favorites. You can find more information about siding options at

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