Solutions for Replacing an Old EPDM Roof

There are numerous factors to take into account that can enhance the performance of your outdated EPDM roof, when it comes time to replace it. A number of things, such as an inappropriate slope, inadequate drainage, and structural flaws, can affect how well a flat roof system performs.

You should think about replacing your old roof if it is close to the end of its anticipated life span, if has sustained considerable damage, or the cost of repairs is nearly equal to the price of a brand-new EPDM roof.

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

It is essential to find licensed and experienced Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors specialized in EPDM roofing, who will explain the different available solutions.

Tear-Off the old roof vs. Roof-Over

Many owners of commercial and industrial buildings want to know if they can simply add another layer of EPDM membrane to their flat roof rather than completely tearing off the old layer. There is not a single, clear answer because options differ depending on the building or the project.

Do not make this decision on your own, especially considering that each city and county has its own distinct roofing regulations. Find out the precise amount of roofing layers that are permitted in your area by contacting the local building department.

Two layers of EPDM is usually approved. However, keep in mind that starting fresh by removing your old roof also removes worries about the weight of the roof and the state of the deck below.

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