Solutions for Taking Care of Roof Rust

Denver roofing companies clean metal roofs

Metal roofs are made from alloys resistant to corrosion and rust, but even so, rusty spots can appear, turning into more extended damage very quickly. When detected in time, roof rust is easy to remove and to treat – here is how:

  • Clean the affected area or, even better, the entire roof – it is easier to detect rust and to assess the severity of the damage on a clean roof, so start the process cleaning at least the affected area with a mixture of water and a mild detergent. Use a hard brush to eliminate any dirt and removable rust;
  • Check for rusted fasteners – screws, nails and washers tend to rust sooner than the metal panels that make up your roof. Check the fasteners on your roof and replace any damaged nails, screws and washers. Clean the areas around the replaced fasteners and fill them with some roof cement to prevent the rust from spreading;
  • If you find larger rusty patches that might affect the integrity of your roof, you might want to consider replacing the affected panel;
  • Have knowledgeable Denver roofing companies apply a protective coating – there are lots of roof coating products available that can efficiently prevent the appearance of rust on roofs. Apply a suitable product on your roof and don’t forget to repeat the procedure every couple of years to ensure proper protection.

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