Steps To Inspect Your Roof After Having a New Roof Installed

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Getting your roof replaced is a costly process and unfortunately, it can have many pitfalls due to poor craftsmanship. To make sure that your new roof is not affected by installation mistakes, here are some things that you should inspect before approving the work performed by your roofer:

  • The roof sheathing – also called the roof decking, the sheathing consists of thin boards of wood placed on the trusses and serves the purpose of supporting the roof layers on the top. Signs of improper sheathing installation include an uneven roof surface and roof fasteners that protrude;
  • The underlayment – ideally, the sheathing and the roofing cover should be separated by a waterproofing layer. Check the existence of the layer – it is essential for preventing leaks;
  • The placement of the nails on shingle roofs – the shingles on your roof need to be individually fastened on the roof to prevent any lifting or tearing by wind. Check whether the nails on your roof are driven in sufficiently deep;
  • The overlap – whether you have shingles or tiles on your roof, the individual component need to be installed in an overlapping pattern. One of the most common roofing mistakes is to make that overlap too short. While having a shorter overlap reduces the quantity of the materials used on the roof, it increases the risk of leaks and can have severe consequences.
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