The Best Materials for Replacing a Flat Roof

Fort Collins commercial flat roofing experts

Flat roof on reinforced concrete or metal frame structure is a preferable solution for high buildings (their roofs can be affected by high air currents) or for commercial and residential buildings where the use of the space above them is desired for different activities, panoramic viewing, storing air conditioning units or photovoltaic panels, the subsequent possibility to build another floor etc. This type of roof is more demanding in terms of the water proof barrier, especially when it is built in humid climatic areas with heavy snowfall and frequent rains.

Classic bituminous waterproofing can be considered by some manufacturers as an old and outdated technical solution, considering the difficulty of installing it. Often the deficiencies of installation and the choice of poor-quality materials proved to be very harmful later. But the quality of the bituminous material for the base roof layers is not questionable due to its features such as: cold elasticity, polyester reinforcement or membrane thickness.

According to Fort Collins commercial roofing experts, the best materials for replacing an old or damaged flat roof are:

  • Metal sheets
  • EPDM or TPO, which are types of synthetic membranes, very durable and inexpensive
  • Built-Up Flat Roof made up of tar and gravel
  • Modified Bitumen, which comes in rolls that are secured with a blowtorch
  • Spray-Applied Coatings – these are sealing products applicable on any flat roof material, to ensure that there are no seams

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