The Common Ways Commercial Roofers Can Fix a Damaged TPO Roof

All roofs eventually deteriorate, even the most durable systems such as TPO roofs. Repairs can cost quite a lot of money, especially if damage is extensive and the roof was not maintained on a regular basis. The good news is that there are ways to prolong the life of your TPO roof if it starts to exhibit damage or general aging-related wear and tear. You won’t have to pay for a complete replacement because commercial roofers will generally find solutions to repair a damaged TPO roof.

Patching any damaged sections is the first thing that is typically considered. Commercial roofers use premium, flexible cement to create a watertight seal, which is a very efficient option when dealing with deteriorating seams around joints and flashings. Using this top-notch, water-based elastic cement has the added advantage of being compatible with the majority of other products in addition to lasting a very long period. Besides, there will be no adhesion problem when you decide to replace your roof.

Innovative Fort Collins commercial roofing companies can come up with repairing solutions even for larger-scale TPO roof damage that will not only fix the damage but also increase the life span of the entire roof, helping you manage capital costs. These fixes for a TPO roof that has prematurely failed frequently include a Fluid Applied Reinforced Roof, which is a coating layer that can help repair and restore your system. It provides an entirely adherent continuous surface, with no seams, enhancing the TPO’s waterproof characteristics and even its energy efficiency.

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