The Great Advantages of a High Slope Roof

A steep pitch roof typically measures 6/12 and higher. Many people believe that these roofs are unnecessary, as they demand more materials and are more expensive overall. However, a high slope roof is actually a great option – and for good reasons!

  • The risk of water pooling is almost entirely eliminated: Gravity swiftly eliminates stationary water on high-slope roofs, which greatly reduces moisture and its damaging effects on the roofing materials and additional systems (e.g., insulation).
  • Improved energy management: This is a perk you probably were not anticipating. A high slope roof benefits from natural ventilation. Although many people ignore it, ventilation is very important in maintaining the thermal comfort indoors and preventing condensation. A high slope roof will enable you to better manage your energy consumption, save money and prevent roof wear.
  • More opportunities for design: One factor contributing to the popularity of high sloped rooftops is their increased visibility. They not only make a house appear bigger and more ornate, but they also provide architects and roofers more freedom to experiment with gables, beautiful caps, and creative designs.
  • Space for living or storage: A high slope roof creates a larger attic space, which is ideal for seasonal or long-term storage. As an alternative, homeowners can also create an extra living room in the attic.
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