The Most Common Roof Repair Mistakes Made on Flat Roofs

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Flat roofs are great, durable and resistant structures that offer the building underneath protection against the elements, but unprofessional repairs can weaken them and eventually cause more harm than good. Here are some of the most common repair mistakes made on flat roofs:

  • Patchwork-style fixes – one of the most common mistakes is to apply quick repairs to fix only visible issues, without addressing the root cause or the damage that affects the deeper layers of the roof. Any repair should involve detailed checking of the damaged area and finding the best approach that strengthens the roof, indeed;
  • Applying the wrong type of coating – the special construction of flat roofs makes them sensitive to ponding water and other effects of the weather, therefore they are usually treated with various coatings to enhance their resistance. According to commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO flat roof experts, failing to apply climate-adequate coating or to reapply the coating when necessary will expose the roofing surface to the elements and will lead to premature deterioration;
  • Failure to ensure proper drainage – any process of flat roof repair should involve the checking and cleaning of the gutter pipes and of the downspouts, one of the biggest mistakes made while repairing flat roofs being to dismiss the cleaning of the drainage system as minor and unimportant and to neglect the task.

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