The Most Popular Commercial Roofing Materials in The Denver Area

Waterproofing the roof consists of adding a durable top layer that is resistant to factors that could affect the surface of the roof and ultimately the entire building. 

In the Denver area, one of the most popular commercial roofing materials nowadays is  TPO membranes. Such a roofing solution consists of the application of a single-ply membrane; it is fast and quite inexpensive while providing a number of crucial benefits.

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According to well known commercial roofers Denver businesses recommend, here is what you need to know about TPO roofing systems:

  • The TPO roof has a light, reflective color, designed to prevent heat absorption.  Such a membrane keeps the building cooler during summer, reducing the energy costs required for air conditioning.
  • The TPO roof is less susceptible to leaks because it has no large seams and joints, as other membranes do. This makes it less vulnerable to water infiltrations, which is particularly important as it ages.
  • The TPO roof is typically cheaper than an EPDM roof.
  • TPO roof membranes have been designed to offer the advantages of a rubber roof while having fewer installation challenges (e.g., TPO membrane is welded with hot air). They have been manufactured since the early `90s and it seems that now they are the fastest-growing segment of the single-layer roofing industry.

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