Tips for Detecting Structural Roofing Issues

Structural roofing issues are problems that affect the support structure of the roof. They can be caused by a building or design defect, by leaks that have gone undetected and therefore neglected for a long time, by the excessive weight of snow that has spent too long on the roof, by pest attacks and in the most severe cases, they pose very serious safety concerns for the building and for the entire household.

Colorado Springs roofing company repairs structural roof damage

Here are some of the major symptoms of such structural issues:

  • Roof ridge bending or sagging – a sagging or uneven ridge can be detected from the ground, by simply looking up at the roof; A reputable Colorado Springs roofing company will easily spot structural roofing damage, and provide necessary repairs.
  • Excessive moisture in the attic – wet beams, rafters and soaked or damp insulation are clear signs that moisture has penetrated through the roof and has soaked into the roof’s support structure, damaging and weakening it;
  • Signs of structural roof damage inside the house – any deformation or major deterioration of the roof affects the structure of the building underneath as well. Cracked plaster, windows and doors that no longer open and close properly, ceilings that start sagging, cracking or warping, severe leaks that keep recurring are all signs that the roof is affected by unwanted structural changes.

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