Tips for Finding the Best Commercial Roof for Your Building

commercial roofing Denver CO

The best way to make sure you end up with the right roof for your commercial building is to find a reliable and experienced commercial roofing company in Colorado, as only an expert roofer  will be able to consider all factors and make professional recommendation based on the specific of your building.

Recommendations from a trusted professional carry considerable weight, but there are some other tips to take into account: the current condition of your commercial roof and the existing structures stored on it (HVAC equipment, solar panels etc), accessibility requirements, immediate surroundings and local climate – these are all important!

Commercial roofing Denver CO experts tell us that the range of options for covering flat roofs is pretty wide, but the solution that is considered the most durable at the moment is the EPDM membrane.

Such a roof guarantees half a century without problems of waterproofing. The EPDM membrane does not age and provides increased resistance to weathering and UV rays. It comes in very large sheets, so there will be a low number of joints, when installing it, which will keep the risks to an absolute minimum. Fewer actions are necessary to perform on the roof, during installation, which makes the entire process done in no time.

EPDM membranes are also an excellent support for green roofs. In recent years, due to global warming, more and more flat roofs are turning into green terraces, as they reduce the greenhouse effect, improve air quality and create beneficial micro-climates for insects and birds.

EPDM membranes also support the installation of photovoltaic panels.


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