Tips for Identifying Different Roof Stains

Stains and discolorations are among the most common roofing issues, especially in regions that are close to large bodies of saltwater or fresh water. Unfortunately, the problem is not merely a cosmetic issue, but in most cases, it is not very difficult to solve. Here are some things quality conscious Denver roofing companies want you to know about roof stains:

use Denver roofing companies to remove roof stains

  • Dark brown or black stains – usually caused by an infestation with algae or fungus or by a bleed-through of the asphalt layer on shingle roofs. The issue can be remedied with adequate algae and fungus removal substances or through the replacement of the components affected by the extractive bleeding;
  • Dark grey, sticky stains, moss and lichens – these spots are most often caused by the secretion of a tree right above the roof. The shade provided by the tree might also favour the growth of moss and lichen. The best way to address the issue is to trim the tree and to clean the roof with some water mixed with a suitable detergent;
  • Rust stains – rust appears on metal surfaces, including not only the roof surface, but metal flashing and gutters as well. Metal roof components become affected by rust when the surface treatment gets damaged or weakened and the metal comes into direct contact with moisture. To solve the problem, the rust must be removed with a brush or with suitable, rust removal products, then the surface coating needs to be restored, too.

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