Tips for Preparing the Space Around Your Home Before Your Roofer Arrives

If you are planning a roof repair or roof installation project on your home and you already have the date when your roofer will come to do the job scheduled, you should know that preparing the space around your building for the roofing work is essential to maintain the beauty of your landscape and to keep your items safe.

Colorado Springs roofing company

An attentive Colorado Springs roofing company recommends you complete these important tasks before your roofer arrives:

  • Remove the items from the immediate proximity of the building – whatever type of roofing work your contractor will perform, objects will inevitably fall from the roof. To avoid any damage caused to your valuables by falling debris or falling roofing elements, make sure to remove anything that can be moved from the area.
  • Cover the vegetation – roofing work also involves the generation of lots of dust that might damage the plants in your landscape if it settles on the leaves and flowers. The nearby garden store surely sells a variety of foil and mesh products manufactured specially to prevent such damage to the vegetation, so just get the right amount and cover your plants.
  • Cover the windows and the walls – foil is useful for protecting the walls, the windows and doors of your house from dust and debris and for making the cleaning easier after the roofing process is complete.

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