Tips for Repairing a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are very convenient roofing solutions due to their efficiency and ease of installation and repairing. However, considering that they tend to retain water more than pitched roofs, building owners must have roofing pros check their roof often and schedule Fort Collins commercial roofing repairs as soon as damage is spotted.

Fort Collins commercial flat roofing repairroofing

Patching a leaky flat roof is actually quite easy if you follow some indications.

The first step is to clean the roof. Use a sweeper to remove debris and make the problematic area(s) visible. Cleaning the roof is also necessary to ensure that the patching material will properly adhere to the existing membrane.

Make the damaged areas with chalk.  If you also notice damaged flashing, remove it and also look for cracks underneath it. Use a razor knife and remove the damaged or completely soaked roofing material. Cut a replacement patch and add an inch to it all around.

Use a trowel and apply roofing cement down into any holes and cracks. The cement will set in place quickly (it needs about 15 minutes). Cut the new flashing and drill it into place using adequate nails to secure it (the new flashing should be about 2 inches bigger all around).

Once you did these operations and the cement dried properly, use a garden hose to water the patched area and see if the repair works.

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