Tips on Choosing the Best Upgrades for Your New Roof

If you have made up your mind to get a new roof and the new structure will be similar in type to the old one, you might still want to implement some upgrades to make your new roof more efficient than the old one used to be. Here are some of the best most efficient upgrades that are certainly worth your money:

  • Adding chimneys with chimney caps – the chimney is an often neglected roof feature, but an incomplete or incorrectly working chimney can waste your money by wasting precious energy make sure that your new roof is installed with modern chimneys fitted with adequate chimney caps;
  • Adding roof vents – roofing ventilation is another often neglected aspect of how roofs work. According to residential Colorado Springs roofing companies, to be able to maintain your roof in good condition for a long time and to ensure that it is as energy efficient as can be, you need to ensure that the air can circulate properly underneath the roof. To achieve that you need at least one vent at the base of the roof and another one at the top right under the ridge or, if you have a flat structure, you will need adequate vents installed in important points.

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