Tips to Keep A Commercial Roof Healthy

Commercial roofs are usually low-sloping, almost flat structures that need special care to ensure problem-free operation and longevity. Here are some tips from Fort Collins commercial roofing pros, to help you ensure that your roof stays healthy for as long as possible:

Fort Collins commercial roofing

  • Regular maintenance for the roof as well as for the gutters – commercial roofs need to be professionally cleaned and inspected regularly, at six-month intervals. Being flat surfaces, commercial roofs tend to accumulate lots of debris composed of airborne dust, leaves, feathers and other debris that accumulates moisture from the air and prevents proper drying and weakens the roof surface. These roofs also drain less efficiently than pitched roofs, therefore the gutters around need to be functional at all time. To ensure roof health, the dirt needs to be removed from the roof surface as well as from the gutters whenever necessary;
  • Professional inspections – commercial roofs need to be checked for faults whenever they are cleaned to catch any roof fault in incipient phases, when the repair is still easy and cheap;
  • Timely repairs – the faults detected during the inspections need to be fixed right away. Whatever issue is identified during the roof or the gutter check, it must be fixed before it turns into a major problem.

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