Tools Used by Professional Commercial Roofers in Denver

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

Commercial roofers are specialists in installing commercial roofs, that is, experts in working with the particular materials used on flat roofing structures, such as rubber membranes, metal or built up solutions. The process of handling these materials during roof installation, repair and maintenance tasks all require a variety of tools. Valued Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors tell us that these are the most common tools and devices used by commercial roofers:

  • Tools used for fastening roofing materials – roofing hammers and roofing nailers are essential tools of the trade. Hammers are used for a variety of tasks, including the application of a variety of fasteners and a power nailer is also an essential tool of any roofer including commercial roofing specialists;
  • Utility knives – these small, but very sharp cutting tools are also essential for a variety of roofing work, whether performed on a sloping structure or on a flat commercial roof. Whatever the roofing work, it will surely involve at least a little cutting;
  • Roof cleaning devices – roof rakes and roofing brooms are also essential tools used by commercial roofers. They can be used for cleaning the roof surface after work for when the layer of snow that has accumulated on the roof is considered to be too thick.

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