Types of Commercial Roofing Materials

To find out what commercial roof materials will work best for your building, you can count on the expert advice of commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO professionals.

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Commercial TPO Membrane

Thermoplastic polyolefin is a new-generation of flat roof materials, which was used for the first time in 1986 and created as a more cost-effective alternative to PVC membranes.

Nowadays, it is one of the most popular single-ply membranes used to seal commercial roofs, because of the cheaper upfront costs and its characteristics that make it a good choice: flexibility, durability, lightweight, reflectivity and recyclability.

Commercial EPDM Membrane

Ethylene propylene diene methylene membrane – this is its full name. This rubber membrane has proved its efficiency during the 60 years since it is in the market. It can form-fit any roof due to being easy to stretch, it is durable and also a great choice for cooler climates, considering its darker color that absorbs heat.

EPDM membrane is the no1 material in flat commercial roofing nationwide.

Commercial PVC Membrane

Polyvinyl chloride membrane is also popular and time-tested. Its most significant advantages include durability, fire retardant properties, longevity (which also makes it cost-effective), great resistance to puncture, tear and moisture.

Metal flat roofing

Metal is an effective material, used successfully on any type of roofs. Commercial flat roofing is durable, reflective and lightweight, and can be installed fast and easy, considering that it mostly comes in large sheets.


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