Unmatched Commercial Roofing Services – Finding Subtle Roof Damage

Finding subtle roof damage in commercial roofing requires a keen eye and a systematic approach. Subtle issues, if left unaddressed, can lead to more significant problems over time. Here is how skilled Colorado Springs area commercial roofing contractors approach detecting subtle roof damage and ensuring unmatched commercial roofing services:

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors

Regular Inspections:

Call Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors to conduct routine inspections of the entire roofing system. Regular checkups help catch subtle damage early before it becomes a major issue.

Documenting Changes:

Keep records of previous inspections and changes in the roof condition. Comparing current conditions to historical data can reveal subtle changes.

Roof Walks:

Commercial roofing contractors will physically walk the roof, looking for signs of damage, such as blistering, bubbling, or areas where the membrane may be lifting.

Checking Seams and Joints:

Colorado Springs roofers pay close attention to seams and joints, as these are common areas for subtle leaks to develop. They will check for any separation or deterioration in these areas.

Looking for Stains:

Inspect the ceiling and interior walls for water stains or discoloration. These can indicate leaks originating from subtle roof damage.

Drainage Systems:

Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors will ensure that the roof’s drainage system is functioning correctly. Clogged drains or improperly sloped areas can lead to water pooling and damage.

Inspecting Flashing:

As part of the inspection, roofers will examine flashing around vents, skylights, and other penetrations for signs of damage or deterioration.

Using Thermal Imaging:

Thermal imaging can help identify subtle leaks or insulation issues by detecting temperature variations on the roof surface.

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