What Is a Forensic Roof Inspection?

A forensic roof inspection is an inspection ordered by a property owner who has had a new roof installed recently and wants to know whether the roofer who did the installation followed the right procedures and executed the process correctly. Forensic inspections are usually performed by inspectors who have long years of experience in providing expert opinions. In some cases, the expert might decide to involve other professionals into the inspection, such as structural engineers.

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Forensic roof inspections usually involve not only visual checks to assess the correctness of the installation method, but taking samples of the roofing materials to test them for the presence of mold or asbestos. During the process, the expert determines whether the installation was performed in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions, with the material specifications, whether the roof slopes are in the right angle, whether the drainage system is suitable for efficiently directing water away from the roof and whether the roof is suitable from a structural point of view. The inspection process might take a day or longer, up to several weeks, if extensive testing is needed or if there are multiple specialists involved. At the end of the process, the inspector will issue an inspection report that includes all the findings of the checks and tests.

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