What Is Included in a Denver Commercial Roofing Quote?

commercial roofing Denver CO

The roofing quotes that you receive from the roofing contractors you have found potentially suitable for your project is a very important document – actually, it is the document that will help you decide which roofer around you is the best for your project. Here are the most important things that a good roofing quote includes:

  • An itemized list with the materials to be used – this is perhaps the most important part of the quote. Commercial roofing materials come in many different quality levels and when you agree to start the project with a particular roofer, you need to know exactly what materials will be used on your roof. An honest, reliable commercial roofing Denver CO contractor will never keep the materials secret and will provide an easy to understand, detailed list of whatever will be used on your roof;
  • Information related to warranties – you should expect to receive two types of warranties with your roof: you should receive a manufacturer’s warranty on the materials that are used on your roof and you should also receive a warranty document that covers for the workmanship provided by your roofer;
  • Information related to the deadlines – your quote should provide the details related to the project milestones and to the final completion of the roofing project.


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