What is Roof Flashing

One of the most difficult to predict elements is water. And when it comes to water, your roof flashing is the last line of defense between you and disaster. So it is no surprise that the damaged or poorly installed flashing is a primary cause of roofing leaks.

Interstate Roofing

Flashing is a piece of metal track, usually made of aluminum or steel, that is placed over the joints in a roof, to prevent the water enter the attic. Practically, its purpose is to seal the rest of the roof and to prevent water leaking.  This flashing should be durable,  weather-resistant and low maintenance. It should also withstand movement because roofing materials may expand or retract in extreme periods of heat or cold.

Like anything left exposed to the elements like heavy wind, rain, snow, ice or heat, flashing may become less effective. Flashing is one of the most difficult technical elements of your roof and the most difficult part of roof installation. This is why, when it comes to time to repair or to change the roof, you would probably want to be in the hands of a professional Interstate Roofing technician. But the good news is that flashing can be reused, unlike the shingles.

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