What Is the Best Way to Hang Holiday Lights From My Commercial Roof?

Incorrectly installed holiday decorations are among the most common culprits for roof damage – the pins and clips that are not suitable for being used on roofs can puncture the roofing surface and decorations that are not suitable for being used on roofs pose a fire hazard.

holiday lights - advice from commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO technicians

However, the holidays cannot be complete without lights, so here is how to hand your lights safely and correctly on your commercial roof:

  • Use light strings intended for being used outdoors – these products are safe to be kept outdoors even when it is snowing and you don’t need to worry about leaving them turned on for longer periods;
  • Use clips and tape intended for being used on roofs – commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO technicians emphasize that you should replace traditional nails and metal clips with plastic clips or tape designed to be used on roofs. These special fasteners do not damage the surface that they are attached to, so they are safe to use;
  • Attach your lights to the edge of the roof – do not install lights on the roof surface, clipping or taping them to roof edge or to the edge of the gutter ensures much more safety for the lights as well as to the structure that the lights strings are fastened to.

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