What Is the Main Difference Between Residential and Commercial Roofing Systems?

When it comes to installing a new roof, it’s important to make the distinction between residential and commercial roofing. While one of them has to do with homeowners and the roofing systems they might install on their homes, the other term refers to roofs that are typically used by business owners for stores, office buildings, warehouses and other commercial buildings.

Of course, a commercial roof doesn’t have to be a flat roof. If you hear that commercial roofers typically specialize in flat roofing systems like built-up roofing or EPDM, that’s simply because those are some of the types that you’ll encounter the most. However, it is possible that a modified house be used for business or that a residential home located in a residential neighborhood have a flat roof and look like most commercial buildings.

Colorado Springs roofing companies

If you want the support of expert Colorado Springs roofing companies who know about both commercial and residential roofing systems, your best choice is to contact a commercial roofer who also does residential roofing on the side. That is because most commercial roofers have started out with small residential roofing projects, and they can still help you out with most of the issues revolving around those types of systems, especially if they still handle residential projects from time to time.

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