What Is the Most Fair and Sensible Timeline for Roof Replacement Work?

Are you looking to find out when you might have to replace your roof? Depending on the type of roof you own, that time might not come for decades. Most modern day roofing systems can outlast even older ones made from concrete or slate, and nowadays even metal and composite shingle roofing systems will last for up to 30-50 years in most cases.

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The first thing you have to determine in order to know exactly when your roof has to be replaced is the age of your roofing construction. If you only just purchased the house, it might be worth calling the seller or digging up the original documents to find out the exact date. A well respected Fort Collins roofer can complete a roof inspection, and give you valuable roofing information. Even your real estate agent might have some information on the matter.

The next thing to consider is how your roof’s age has influenced it over the years. In some cases, slate roofing systems that have been around for more than 40-50 years already look like they’re 100 years old because of the extreme weather conditions they were exposed to in the area and the poor care they received from their past owners. Similarly, any roof that was taken care of properly should still last for at least 1-2 more decades, even if it’s made from a cheaper material.

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