What to do When Your Roof has Brand New Hail Damage

Hail storms happen quite rarely – fortunately! – and they may not seem the worst weather phenomena, but those who witnessed a severe hailstorm probably know the kind of long-lasting damage it can cause.

When it comes to a roof, hail damage is dangerous even if it is barely visible, because it creates vulnerabilities that will aggravate sooner or later. As such, it is extremely important to identify hail damage on your roof, so you must perform an inspection once a hail storm passes by.

commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO roofer prepares hail damage assessment

Like we said before, hail damage may not be easy to identify, especially on certain roofing materials, so a visual inspection from the ground is not enough. The person who inspects the roof must climb it to be able to observe potential damage. If you do not feel safe climbing your roof or do not have protective equipment to prevent you from falling and injure yourself, you should contact a Colorado Springs professional roofer. This is always the best option and not only for safety reasons. A hail damage commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO expert knows exactly what to look for, not to mention that its written report will be useful if you make an insurance claim.

Hail damage looks different on different roofing materials. Generally, keep an eye on any small impact areas – chips, dents, tiny craters, scratched pain etc. Additionally, look for damage on windows, doors, vehicles, because if they have hail damage, your roof will most likely have hail damage too.

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