What Type of Flat Roof Material is Best

Waterproofing the roof is an extremely important step for ensuring protection against water infiltration in the house, office building or commercial space. Therefore, commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO authorities suggest that an EPDM membrane may be the long-term solution you are looking for.

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Produced in large sheets, the EPDM membrane is made of a synthetic rubber specially designed to adapt to the most demanding requirements in construction and roof waterproofing.

The first EPDM membrane sheet was installed in 1980, on the roof of a building in the USA, being still functional today. Nowadays, with over 1.5 billion square meters installed globally, EPDM membrane is a reference product in waterproofing that has won the appreciation of customers through the perfect quality of waterproofing and the outstanding properties of the material from which it is made.

EPDM is a fully vulcanized membrane, composed mainly of EPDM polymer and carbon black, which offers unmatched resistance to ozone and ultraviolet radiation. Because it does not contain flame retardants or plasticizers, it has stable characteristics. The EPDM membrane remains flexible up to temperatures of 45 ° C and has an elasticity of over 300%, which gives it resistance to building movements and temperature fluctuations.

EPDM membrane can be used in a wide range of applications, from foundations, terraces, ponds and lakes to industrial waterproofing.


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