What Type of Roof Decking is Best for Your Building?

Roof decking is an important process in the construction of any type of roof. The roof deck represents the area between the trusses and joists (which are the structural components) and the insulation, waterproofing membrane and coating materials. It has to be durable and strong enough to hold a certain weight of other roof layers.

commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO pros give advice on roof decking

Roof decks can be made of various materials, being suitable for different types of roofs and buildings. Choosing the materials for decking must depend on how much weight it is designed to carry (and we are not talking only about the weight of the roof, but also of air conditioning equipment or other special features built or stored on the roof, as well as of snow accumulation).

The most common roof deck for residential buildings is tongue and groove wood systems, or plywood. Wood remains a great material, which will stand up to the weight of most roofing materials placed on the deck.

In the case of commercial buildings, commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO pros mostly choose concrete, cement or steel for decking, because these buildings typically represent larger structures, carrying more weight. Besides, features stored on commercial roofs must be serviced frequently, so the weight of maintenance personnel and equipment must also be taken into consideration.

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