Why Are Most Commercial Roofs Flat or Low Slope Roofs?

A flat or low-slope roof is famous for commercial and industrial buildings with large roof spans. Flat roofs have several advantages for businesses over traditional pitched roofs, which are most commonly found in residential construction.

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Flat roofs are popular in commercial buildings mainly due to their low cost. Roofing materials and commercial roofing Denver CO installation services are cheaper than in the case of residential pitched roofs. So, a business owner or administrator can save on construction costs with a flat roof.

HVAC considerations

Another reason flat roofs protect many commercial buildings is the available space that this type of roof provides, which can be used for storing air conditioners. It is safer to place them on the roof than on the ground. This configuration protects HVAC equipment from damage and vandalism and eliminates the need to push energy-intensive cold air upwards. Instead, cool air naturally flows down from the AC unit.

Easy maintenance

Access to a flat roof is easy, and workers do not need all the protective equipment they must use when climbing a pitched roof. Flat roofs also make it easier to spot water leaks and other damaged areas that require fixes.

You should know that although commercial roofs may appear flat from the ground, they do have a slight slope (about 2%) to allow water drainage.

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