Why Concrete Is a Good Choice for Residential Roofing

Although there are many options available to homeowners for their roofing systems, a stroll or drive through the typical neighborhood can reveal a new favorite. According to Interstate Roofing company representatives, concrete tile roofs have become more and more popular over time. This is hardly surprising given the numerous advantages that concrete tile roofs can provide.

Interstate Roofing
  • High durability – A concrete tile roof can protect you for more than 50 years and withstand fire, rot, hail, thunderstorms, and high winds. You will likely not ever need to install another roof during your lifetime, after getting a concrete tile roofing system to protect your house.
  • Many styles and colors – Numerous profiles of concrete roof tiles are available to match practically any architectural style, including Venetian, New England Colonial, historic, and contemporary. The color options are also fairly varied.
  • Low Maintenance – All roofs require some maintenance, but under normal circumstances and with correct construction, concrete tile roofing systems require very little maintenance. Concrete is extremely durable and difficult to damage, so your roofer will only have to keep the roof clean, perform minor fixes now and then and make sure that the additional systems (drainage, insulation, ventilation) are ok.
  • Energy Efficiency – Compared to many other frequently used roofing materials on the market today, concrete roof tiles have better reflective properties. The dense thermal mass of tiles effectively controls indoor temperatures, requiring less energy and artificial cooling equipment.

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