Why is it Important to Know How Your Flat Roof Works?

Flat roofs have a degree of uniqueness that is due to the diversity and creativity you can approach this type of roof. On the other hand, a flat roof is more exposed to wear and weather conditions than a classic roof. It must withstand temperature variations, shock temperatures, chemical exposure, UV radiation, traffic, rain, and many other things that may affect it. Therefore, knowing how your flat roof installed by commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO pros is essential.

There are some design requirements to be respected if you want your flat roof to work properly.

  • The slope of a flat roof should be max. 5 degrees and the minimum slope must be at least 2% over the entire roof area
  • Flat roofs must be covered with materials able to withstand corrosion, chemical action and weather conditions
  • They must comply with thermal insulation requirements and prevent water infiltrations and moisture
  • The project should contain exact details of the materials to be used, the structural resistance of the building and the technology to be used for installing the roof
  • In addition to moisture barriers, you should also consider installing double drains that must be incorporated into the roof at a minimum depth of 5 mm
  • A flat roof must be designed to withstand dynamic stress, impact and other mechanical actions throughout its lifespan. It is thus recommended to use solid materials with adequate compressive strength and flexibility.

flat roof construction

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