3 Commercial Roofing Materials That Are Worth Their Higher Cost

Choosing the roofing material to be used on your commercial building will determine many things, including the value of your property, the thermal comfort and the energy bills related to heating and cooling your premises, the appearance of your building and the durability of your roof. When it comes to the available roofing materials, the cost is usually indicative of the quality and resilience of the material, so the higher cost is usually a sign that the material is worth the investment. Here are some of the more expensive commercial roofing materials recommended by a BBB accredited Fort Collins commercial roofing company that are definitely worth your attention:

Fort Collins commercial roofing

  • Metal – the material has proven its worth many times since it became so popular. Whether installed in larger or smaller panels, metal roofs are varied in terms of the alloys used as well as in terms of appearance, but all of them stand out for easy installation, resistance to the elements and durability of over half a century.
  • EPDM – the synthetic rubber membrane is one of the best solutions for commercial roofs that are exposed to extreme weather as well as for roofs that need to be stepped on frequently. The solution comes with a durability of 25-30 years;
  • Modified bitumen – an excellent solution based on asphalt and gravel provides reliable resistance to the elements as well as their ability of around 4 decades.

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