3 Commercial Roofing Materials That Can Deal with the Climate in Colorado

Fort Collins commercial roofing

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the material to go on commercial roofs in Colorado is the climate – the state has many climate zones, some colder and wetter, others hot and arid, but all of them characterized by extremes. The best roofing material is one that is able to stand up to a variety of weather-related challenges – here are some of the options that fit the bill:

  • Metal – the material has been used on commercial roofs for a long time, being a time-tested solution. Metal roofs can stand up to heavy rain and snow, to harsh sunshine and wind, to fires and pests and they offer a durability of 40-60 years without requiring any special maintenance, other than regular cleaning and check-ups;
  • Spray-on roofs – acclaimed Fort Collins commercial roofing pros explain that this modern roofing solution creates the roofing surface from polyurethane foam sprayed onto the roofing surface from large cans. The resulting roof is eco-friendly, very durable, able to resist water and heat and it also provides superior insulation for the building;
  • Other synthetic options – EPDM, TPO and PVC are three other solutions that provide excellent resistance to harsh weather and durability. The membranes are also lightweight and have outstanding reflective properties, being an excellent choice for hot climates.

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