3 Commercials Roofing Issues and How to Solve Them

Commercial roofs are built to resist a lot and to stay strong even among the harshest circumstances, but even these structures are susceptible to damage. According to Interstate Roofing (https://interstateroof.com/) professionals, here are three of the most common forms of damage and the remedies for them:

Interstate Roofing

  • Leaks – the most common issue that affects commercial roofs usually develops at the seams where roof covering elements are joined or around flashing stripes, but the cracks and holes through which water can penetrate the deeper roof layers can develop anywhere. The repair process should involve an inspection of the roof to reveal the source, followed by the repair process chosen based on the roofing material;
  • Punctures and holes caused by foot traffic, animals and debris – whatever hits or falls on the roof can cause holes to appear. The problem should be addressed with repair methods suitable for the roof material and can be prevented by installing raised pathways on the roof;
  • Roof shrinkage – the roofs located in regions that get rapidly changing temperatures might lose their elasticity and develop cracks and holes. The problem should be detected early on, the damage caused by the phenomenon should be fixed, then the roof should be treated with the right type of protective roof coating to prevent shrinkage.

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