3 Reasons to Install a Slate Roof on Your Newly Bought Home

Are you in the market for a new roof? If you’re tired to have to replace your roof every decade or so, Fort Collins experts recommend that you simply go for the best option and invest in a brand new slate roofing system. As you will see, slate is far superior to other roofing materials from almost every perspective:

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  1. Unlike most roofing systems, slate roofs are entirely unique and offer many different color and design options you can choose from. If you opt for natural slate, each slab is practically unique, so you’ll find that your roof will look completely original and extremely appealing, whether you’re going for a more modern look, or you want to give your home a retro-style makeover.
  2. Slate can last for over 150 years. There aren’t many roofing materials that come close to the durability and resilience of natural slate. Some experts point out that there are old slate roofs that have been around for more than 300 years already, and they still don’t have to be replaced.
  3. Despite the cost, Fort Collins roofing company pros say that slate roofing is relatively easy to install and doesn’t require too much maintenance or too many expensive repairs. It is more high maintenance than, say, metal roofing; but compared to most other materials, slate can resist UV rays, bad weather, fires and temperature differences much more easily.

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