3 Steps to Take When There’s a Leak in Your Commercial Roof

commercial roof repair Fort Collins

A leak in your commercial roof can bring a stream of water into your office or commercial facility and quite a lot of extra-damage and discomfort.

  1. Minimizing interior damage

If it happens to you, the priority is to minimize interior damage, until you manage to bring a roofer to fix the problem.  When water flows into your building, quickly clear the area of equipment, furniture and supplies, to prevent them from being damaged. If some of these cannot be relocated, at least cover them with plastic foil. Place some receptacles on the floor to collect the water, and then mark the location of visible leaks while they are still occur.

  1. Look for other leaks

If you are lucky, the leak will be limited to one area, but if you are not, you might find other leaks in your commercial building, so make sure to look around!

  1. Call a professional roofer

Call a commercial roof repair Fort Collins leader and announce the emergency. Most companies are ready to intervene promptly in such situations and help you minimize the damage. Roofers will examine your roof system carefully, identify the problem that allowed the water leak and provide a project quote. You can also use this quote to make an insurance claim.


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