3 Times Professional Roofers Might Give Up on Fixing Your Roof

Roofing repairs are among the services that professional roofers are most commonly hired for and indeed, adequate roof repair procedures can prolong the life span of any roof. However, the time inevitably comes when the roof on your building, be it a commercial or a residential structure, can no longer be repaired and when your roofer will give up on the fixes and recommend you complete replacement.

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According to Interstate Roofing Denver experts, here are some examples of the situations when replacement is the only solution:

  • Structural damage – the sagging seen at the ridgeline of the roof or surface damage that manifests on the slopes no longer being straight or signs that the roof has sustained damage at the level of the support structure also tells you that the only solution that a responsible roofer can recommend is the replacement of the entire structure.
  • Recurring leaks – if you have a leak repaired and the next one appears soon, it is also a sign that the integrity of your roofing cover has been compromised and that the roof needs to go.
  • Roof age – the warranted lifespan of the material used on the roof will tell you when the time comes to start preparing for the roof replacement. An old roof does not necessarily mean a damaged roof that needs to be ripped off right away, but it is certainly a roof that has been weakened by age and that will need to be replaced soon.

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