3 Types of Roofing Materials Used Extensively for Denver Homes

Interstate Roofing of Denver

When it comes to roofing materials, the homeowners in Denver have lots of great choices, the range of the materials that they can turn to for the attractive and durable roof that they want being very wide. According to Interstate Roofing of Denver, www.interstateroof.com/, here are four of the most common, most popular and most appreciated roofing materials used in the Mile High City today:

  • asphalt shingles – preferred by homeowners for its varied design, for its suitability for a variety of climate zones and for its affordability, asphalt is currently the most common roofing material throughout the nation, including Colorado. The material is available in a variety of quality levels, including special, impact resistant varieties that provide superior durability and resistance to weather extremes;
  • metal – initially used only on flat roofs, the material is nowadays available in the form of tiles, shingles and shakes designed for sloping roofs. Metal roofing systems are the go-to choice for many homeowners due to the material’s affordability, durability and variety in terms of design and colors;
  • Clay and cement tiles – the two types of tiles are very similar in terms of appearance and design and they are both appreciated for their superior durability and outstanding, classic elegance. Before you choose any of the two, however, you must be aware that both options are quite expensive and they are also very heavy materials, suitable for only buildings that are sufficiently solid.

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