4 DIY Roof Maintenance Tips

Roofs, whether installed on residential or commercial property, whether flat or sloping, need maintenance. Here are some roof maintenance tasks that can be safely and easily performed by DIY enthusiasts:

Fort Collins roofer suggests annual roof cleaning and inspection

  • Roof cleaning – any debris that accumulates on the surface of your roof absorbs water and weakens the roof underneath, therefore it is very important to remove any dust, leaves, twigs and other dirt. You can do it easily with a broom or a brush on a long stick;
  • Gutter and downspout cleaning – the clogs that form in these pipes prevent the drainage of the roof and prolonged exposure to ponding water weakens and damage any roofing material. The task is simple: all you need is a sturdy ladder, a scraping tool to dislodge the clogs and a bucket to collect the debris removed;
  • Trim the trees that have branches above your roof – the branches that overhang your roof can be broken by wind and dropped onto the roof, so inspect your large trees regularly and trim them to a shape that is safe for your roof;
  • Check the attic for holes in the roof and for traces of water – small roof leaks don’t cause damp patches on your ceilings, but they should not be neglected. Visit your attic every now and then and look upwards – if you see the sky through the roof, it means that it is time to call a seasoned Fort Collins roofer to repair as needed.  Excessive dampness, droplets of water or traces of water on the attic floor also indicate a roofing issue that needs to be addressed by a professional roofer in a timely manner.


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