4 Types of Residential Metal Roofing

  • Metal tiles

Metal tile roofs are great options for those who want to combine special aesthetics with efficiency. They can be made of various materials such as steel, copper or aluminum. The most common is steel, this alloy having special properties that, once transposed into the final product, provides increased strength and a flawless appearance.

  • Folded roof sheet

Another metal roof covering, appreciated for its strength, is the folded sheet. It is malleable, fitting modern and classic/ rustic homes. It can be profiled up to minus 15 degrees Celsius and, installed correctly, it ensures impeccable functionality. Another advantage of this type of roof is that it can be installed on roofs with small slope, but also with very high inclinations, and even on vertical facades.

  • Corrugated sheet

The corrugated roofing sheet has an affordable price and is distinguished by an efficient joining system – the creases created at the time of joining the sheets do not allow water infiltration, if the installation is done correctly. Unfortunately, the aspect of such a roof is not exactly suitable for modern homes, but rather for the stylistic requirements of traditional ones.

  • Metal shingles

The design of metal shingles can be almost identical to that of traditional wooden shingles, being a great roofing option for classic or rustic style constructions.

GAF MasterElite Fort Collins roofer

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