4 Ways to Make Your Roof Energy Efficient

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The roof is the largest contiguous surface through which energy can escape from inside your home, therefore preventing that energy exchange is essential for keeping your energy bills at bay. Here are some ways to increase the energy-efficiency of your home’s topmost layer:

  • Use a light-colored roofing material – dark colors absorb heat, while light hues reflect it. Choosing a light color for your roof will improve the reflectiveness of your roof, decreasing the amount of heat that can penetrate your rooms;
  • Use roofing materials that provide more efficient thermal insulation – slate, clay and cement tiles are excellent insulators that reflect much of the solar heat hitting the roof. Experienced Denver roofing companies confirm that these materials can reduce the amount of heat that reach your rooms by around 60% or more;
  • Use reflective roof coatings – reflective coating products can be applied on existing roofs made from any material and they are very efficient, too, blocking solar heat as well as harmful UV rays;
  • Add insulation – installing suitable material under the roof is also a great way to reduce your energy costs. Attic insulation comes in many forms, from blankets to granules and spray-on materials the most important feature to have in mind during the purchase being the material’s R-value that indicates its ability to prevent energy exchange.

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