5 Reasons to Clean Your Roof

Fort Collins roofer - roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is essential for keeping your roof in good health, regardless of the type of the structure or of the material it is made from. Here is why cleanliness is so important for roofs:

  • Damage prevention – a popular Fort Collins roofer affirms that regular roof cleaning is the best way to relieve the roof from the unnecessary and dangerous burden of accumulated dirt and to achieve the clean surface that can be inspected to detect any faults;
  • Getting rid of discoloration – even roofs that are not covered in dirt can develop discolorations. The usual culprits for the issue are algae and moss growths, both easy to remove, but unsightly if left to proliferate;
  • Attractive appearance – the roof fulfills not only multiple important practical roles, but has an aesthetic role as well. A clean roof is always more attractive than a dirty, neglected one, so roof cleanliness is important for curb appeal as well;
  • Improved energy-efficiency – a clean roof has a better thermal performance because it is able to disperse heat more efficiently than a structure covered in debris. Very often, roof cleaning has an almost instant positive effect on energy bills, starting to reduce energy expenses significantly right after the cleaning session.

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