5 Reasons to Use Stone Coated Steel Metal Roofing

If you are currently shopping for materials to use on your new roof, it is very important to explore all your options and to make an informed final decision.

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The range of available solutions is certainly varied, but few of them offer the amazing benefits of stone coated steel – here are some that you should know about:

  • An extremely lightweight material – stone coated steel is so lightweight that it hardly puts any pressure on the building it is used on, being suitable for any construction;
  • Outstanding strength – stone coated metal systems are made from steel panels or from panels manufactured from some other alloy that are coated with stone chips fixed on the metal surface with acrylic film. A preferred Fort Collins roofing company substantiates that the resulting roofing materials are very strong, able to resist even the harshest weather without cracking, warping or getting otherwise damaged;
  • Affordability – stone coated steel roofs, whether consisting of tiles, larger panels or pieces that feature other styles, are among the most affordable roofing systems available on the market;
  • Easy installation and low maintenance needs – these systems can be installed without any special tools and they need very attention, other than occasional cleaning and inspections;
  • Aesthetic appeal – stone-coated metal systems come in many colors, shapes and textures, so you can surely find the design that suits your building’s appearance.

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