5 Signs that Your Residential Roof Needs Replacing

  1. The tiles/ shingles are wavy and chipped

Tiles that are wavy or chipped are already old and have endured enough so far. Typically they ended up looking like this because they have been exposed to various weather conditions for decades. When they reach this state, they can break easily and it is time to replace them.

  1. Missing granules or even missing pieces

When the protective granules specific to ceramic tiles are lost, they begin to harden upon exposure to heat and sun. Thus, the aging of the roof will accelerate and water infiltrations will appear.

  1. Broken or missing tiles/ shingles

Broken or missing tiles are the main cause of water infiltration. Strong winds and mechanic damage can cause this type of damage; if it is extensive, the entire roof has to be replaced.

  1. The roof looks worn out

The worn out appearance is a sign of the roof’s advanced age.

  1. Damaged joints

Joints located around skylights, eaves, chimneys etc. can deteriorate over time, allowing water to seep in and cause damage that requires a new roof.

Denver roofer

If you notice any of the above signs you may need to change the roof, preferably with the help of a preferred Denver roofer. A water leak is not always immediately noticeable inside the house; the roof cover, structure and insulation can be damaged progressively, and you may notice this only when it is too late. Consult a roofing specialist before your roof’s vulnerabilities get worse!

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