5 Tips on Preparing Your Commercial Roof for The Winter

Interstate Roofing - get your roof ready for winter

Commercial roofs need help to be able to perform at their very best, especially in winter, the season that is particularly hard on building envelopes. Interstate Roofing (https://interstateroof.com/), Colorado commercial roofing experts, advise that these are some steps you should take to prepare your roof for the coming winter:

  • Clean the roof – the leaves, dust, feathers, twigs and other types of debris that tend to settle on roofs might not be heavy, but any dirt that you find up there might conceal critical roof faults and they might also cause roof damage by absorbing moisture, keeping it in and exposing the roof surface to water. Remove all that debris before the first frost to ensure that your roof is able to face the challenges of winter in tip-top shape;
  • Clean the gutters – the drainage system that surrounds your roof also needs to be clean and completely clog-free to be able to direct away the excess moisture that comes with winter;
  • Inspect the roof and the gutters for faults – check the clean structures for any issues that might hinder roof performance or aggravate during the winter. Look for compromised roofing materials, damaged flashing, cracks, holes and dents;
  • Fix everything – all the faults that you find up there need to be fixed before winter settles in;
  • Apply protective coating – if the time has come to recoat your roof to prevent the penetration of water and to improve energy efficiency, apply the coatings before the first frost.

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