Advantages of a Flat Roof

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The flat roof is specific to modern, robust, compact and cubic buildings. Although it is rather associated with commercial constructions, the flat roof became increasingly popular in residential buildings too.

The first major advantage of this type of roof is that it is not affected by wind, storms and tornadoes as it is a sloped roof. We all know that in the case of weather events with extreme wind, sloped roofs are less resistant, and, in some cases, they can be pulled out by wind gusts. Flat roofs are much less exposed because the wind does not penetrate beneath them.

Another important advantage is related to the minimum risks in case of fire. A fire in a house with an attic can destroy the entire wooden structure of the roof, which will not happen in a building with a flat roof, as flat roof materials have fire retardant properties.

This type of roof is becoming more and more popular also because it offers the possibility to set an outdoor terrace or a garden above the house, or at least to use that extra available space for storage (e.g. installing solar panels, storing HVAC equipment etc.).

A flat roof is easy to build and requires reduced costs compared to a sloped roof. It is necessary, however, to pay extra attention when it comes to waterproofing it and preventing water infiltrations. Schedule annual inspections with reputable commercial roof repair Fort Collins contractors.


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