Advantages of Clay Roofing and the Main Reasons to Invest in Clay Tiles

Clay tiles have a lot of advantages to speak of. Aside from being highly durable, they can also be a beautiful choice for a roof regardless of where you live or what style of roof you’re aiming for. Even though it’s a little more expensive than some of the other contenders you might consider, clay tile roofing is right up there with the best materials you can buy.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that clay roofs are part of an exact science of construction tested against the centuries. The use of clay for roofing dates back to the time of the Ottoman and Roman empires, and clay roofs are just as popular today as they were more than a thousand years ago, as even today they are backed up by a wide variety of styles and a significant amount of tradition in places like the coasts of the Mediterranean.

Denver roofing companies - clay roofing

Premier Denver roofing companies, like Interstate Roofing, confirm that clay roofs are also extremely durable and virtually fireproof. When withstanding a hurricane, even winds of up to 150 mph can’t uproot a set of clay tiles that were installed properly, and the roof itself can last for well over half of century, even while withstanding extreme temperature differences each year. You can just install them once and then enjoy the comfort, low-maintenance protection and surprising level of energy efficiency that they have to offer.

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